The Player Database has up-to-date placings and head to head data of all PGR tournaments.


SETS: 248968
GAMES: 4093741
PLAYERS: 53128


SETS: 147569
GAMES: 2059234
PLAYERS: 33435


SETS: 101399
GAMES: 2034507
PLAYERS: 23947

About The Player Database

The Player Database is an open resource that gives greater access to competitive fighting game data. I've been watching competitive smash for three years and often found myself asking about individual results and head to heads between top players, but I hadn't found a public database that tracks all of this information. As an aspiring programmer hoping to get into a good school for computer science, I figured this was a perfect first step along the way. After working on it for a year, I am happy to finally release it! You can view the data through this website, or if you'd like you can download the sqlite database on GitHub. As the dataset grows, you'll be able to find some interesting stats here.

Currently the database only has Smash 4 and Melee tournaments (PGR ranked events and Melee Majors as listed on ssbwiki). I plan to expand to Ultimate when tournaments start. I've built the backend to make things pretty generic, so I hope to expand to other games in the greater FGC. If you'd like to help getting a game's data up you can DM me on twitter, I would love the help.

Problems in The Dataset


All Smash 4 data right now is from PGR ranked tournaments, and even though Smash 4 is a recent game, there are a lot of holes in the dataset. The most extreme example of this is EVO 2015/2016, where the brackets are missing a great majority of sets. Similarly most Japanese tournaments use Challonge for top 96/128 but pen and paper for pools, which we can't process automatically. Luckily the PGR doesn't factor this in, so we can still provide a more or less complete view into the PGR. A lot of tournaments also don't report full data, meaning game counts and character data have been lost.

Split Accounts

The tournaments in the database are split among Challonge,, and a few self-hosted brackets. Because of this, merging all of the players' results has been quite difficult; for the sake of accuracy, not all merging can or should be done programmatically. For instance Nairo might appear in some Challonge brackets as NRG | Nairo, which needs to then be mapped into Nairo's main account.

Luckily has made great strides in standardizing esports data by having an account system that players can use to sign up for tournaments. In an ideal world, all data would already be tied to a single account per player, meaning this merge step would not be needed and we could have a perfect dataset. But even with some tournaments imported players into the tournament, generating new accounts, essentially duplicating the player in the database. If you notice two players that should be one, please let me know.


  • Ultimate
  • Merge Player Accounts (Ongoing)
  • A Home Page
  • Tournament Pages
  • Link Tournament Sources
  • Display Regions
  • Display Players' Social Media
  • PR Rankings
  • Locals/Non-PGR Tournaments
  • Better Mobile Support
  • More Character Data/SmashCV
  • Player Discovery Pages/Filtering
  • Have a Feature Request? DM Me

Special Thanks and Challonge for hosting the brackets and providing APIs to access the data

@MeleeItOnMe for the SSBMRank

@ThePGStats for the PGR and TTS

@juddy96 for providing translated Japanese brackets

@LelandDawson who helped with the website